John Dowden
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2016;94(9):1

Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a famous fast track. It has also been the place of many injuries and deaths. Just like motor racing, drug development can be dangerous ̶ go too fast and there may be disaster.

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Focus Farmacovigilanza 2016;93(3):7
Chronic renal failure represents nowadays one of the biggest public health issues worldwide: it is estimated that in Italy one person over seven people has a moderate impairment of the renal function, i.e. a halved renal functionality, or more than halved, in comparison with the norm.1 Chronic...


Drugs & Elderly
Over-65 diabetics represent about half of the patients visiting general practitioners. Although diabetes pathogenesis in geriatric and young age are similar, treatment gold standards and clinical conditions are extremely variable, requiring a more individualised approach.1 In this context, a...