Case reports

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2016;93(3):12
Bastiano is 61 years old and has a bipolar disorder. In 2003, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, he developed a severe depression.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2016;92(1):11
Camilla, aged 60, receives a diagnosis of hepatitis C (HCV genotype 4) and is prescribed a 12-week therapy based on the triple association of ombitasvir (12.5 mg), paritaprevir (75 mg), ritonavir (75
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2015;91(11):7
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2015;90(9):6

Winter is at the door and so are flu-like syndromes.

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2015;89(8):7

The clinical history of Enrico, 58 years, began in 2006 when, as the result of metastatic carcinoma of the kidney, he underwent a left nephrectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with t

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2015;88(5):6
Salvatore, 90, came to the Emergency room complaining about the onset of episodes of paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea about a fortnight ago.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2015;87(3):7
Luisa, 60 years of age, is a former worker, married, who leads a very active life.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2015;86(1):7
Giulia is a child aged three, who is in good health with a history of an episode of Kawasaki syndrome which occurred at the age of one year and which resolved in a short period of time.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2014;85(11-12):7
In the November of 2011, Camilla, 65, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at Stage I, for which soon afterwards was given a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, omentectomy and lymphadenectomy.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2014;84(5):7
After a recent diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis in right leg, Giulio, 60, began treatment based on subcutaneous injections of enoxaparin (6000 IU/day), on prescription from the attending physician.