Case reports

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2014;83(7):7

Carlo, 47 years, visits with his sister his general practitioner because of the appearance of a bilateral and not painful mammary gland enlargement. The GP refers him to the breast surgeon.

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2014;82(5):7
Carmelo, 57 years old, shows up in the Emergency Room with chest pain, nausea, diffused erythema and itching.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2014;81(3):7

Chiara is 22 years old and has been suffering for the last 9 years of a form of anorexia associated to a depression characterized in the last few months by abundant meals with no vomit or induced p

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2014;80(1):7
Paola is a 63 years old lady suffering from chronic constipation.
Focus Farmacovigilanza 2013;79(11):3

Roberta, a 64 years old woman with regular life habits, always enjoyed good health until menopause.

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2013;78(9):7

Matilde’s story: Matilde, 85 years old, lives by herself since her husband died, but she is autonomous and with no particular cognitive issues.

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2013;76(5):7

Artemisia, 84 years old, is under chronic treatment with furosemide and valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide for arterial hypertension, methotrexate (50 mg/week intramuscularly) since several years for rh

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2013;77(7):7

Maria’s story: Maria is a 59 years old woman who has always been healthy. She visits the Emergency Room for sudden jaundice and abdominal pain associated to nausea and vomit.

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2013;75(3):7

Matteo is a 37 years old patient who has been followed by the Mental Health Centre of his town since his teenagehood for aggressive episodes against his relatives and has a diagnosis of “behavioura

Focus Farmacovigilanza 2013;74(1):7

Orazio, 80 years old, has a follicular thyroid carcinoma with secondary localizations in the lungs and destructive bone lesions, mainly on the femur.