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It is with profound emotion that we remember Professor Giampaolo Velo, editor-in-chief of Focus Farmacovigilanza, whom died on the 17th of August, this year, after a long illness.

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Statins are considered the first potential pharmacological cause of muscular damage. Even though this was a well-known muscular adverse reaction, when fatal cases of rhabdomyolysis – the most severe muscular adverse reaction – triggered the withdrawal of cerivastatin from the market in 2001, a...


Drugs & Children
Over the last 20 years, biological drugs have changed the therapeutic prospect for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases both in the adult and in the child.1 Infliximab was the first drug that, when its patent expired, had biosimilars authorised by EMA, CT-P13 and SB2 respectively in 2013 and 2016.2...